What Keyboard Does Mongraal Use?

what keyboard does mongraal use 2023

Nowadays, gaming is becoming very popular among children and teens as well. And there are millions of games around the globe that people are playing. Teens play games like Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. And they are obsessed with these games and the famous players around the globe. Nowadays, people are curious about what gaming setup these famous gamers use, what keyboard they use, etc.

Who is Mongraal:

Mongraal is a super talented gamer from the UK who has made a big name for himself playing the popular video game Fortnite. He’s so good at the game that he has a huge following on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. People love watching him play against other players because he’s just so skilled and has some amazing strategies.

He’s even competed in lots of Fortnite tournaments, and he’s proven that he can handle the pressure and come out on top against other really skilled players. Because he’s so good, he’s won a a lot of prize money, and now he’s considered one of the top Fortnite players in the entire world!

Even though he’s still young, Mongraal is really respected in the gaming community, and lots of other gamers look up to him. He’s known for working really hard and being super dedicated, and he’s shown that you can make a real career out of playing video games at a really high level. There are a lot of queries about What Keyboard Does Mongraal Use?

Mongraal’s Keyboard:

mongraal keyboard 2023

Mongraal is currently using a Steel Series Razer Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard

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Features of Mongraal Steel Series Razer Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard is given below:

  1. This is a professional gaming keyboard that is just 60% of a real keyboard
  2. You can adjust how far you have to press each key before it registers. This means you can make it easier or harder to press keys, depending on what works best for you.
  3. The keyboard lights up with all sorts of different colors, and you can choose which colors you want. This makes it look really cool and can help you get more into the game.
  4. The keyboard is made out of a really strong and light metal called aluminum. This makes it feel really solid and stable, so it won’t move around when you’re playing.
  5. You can program every single key on the keyboard to do whatever you want it to do. So you can make shortcuts for things you do a lot in your games and make it easier to do them.
  6. The keyboard comes with a wrist rest that you can attach to it. This can make it more comfortable to use for long periods of time.
  7. Finally, the keyboard can register every single key press you make, no matter how many keys you’re pressing at once. This means you can type really fast or hit lots of keys at once without worrying about anything not working.


The Razer Apex Pro TKL gaming keyboard is a high-performance keyboard designed specifically for gamers. Its features, such as adjustable actuation, customizable RGB lighting, an aluminum frame, fully programmable keys, a magnetic wrist rest, and N-key rollover, make it a great choice for those who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. While it may be a bit more expensive than other gaming keyboards, the Razer Apex Pro TKL is well worth the investment for serious gamers who want a high-quality, customizable keyboard that can help improve their performance and comfort during long gaming sessions.

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