Equality vs Equity cartoon

Equality vs Equity cartoon
Image By: interactioninstitute


Equality and equity are two concepts often discussed in the context of fairness and social justice. While they sound similar, they have distinct meanings and implications. Here’s an explanation of each term:

  1. Equality: Equality refers to treating everyone similarly and providing the same resources, opportunities, and support regardless of their circumstances or needs. It promotes fairness by ensuring equal treatment and eliminating discrimination or bias based on race, gender, or socioeconomic status. The focus is on equal distribution or allocation of resources, rights, and benefits among individuals or groups.
  2. Equity: Equity, however, recognizes and addresses the inherent differences and diverse needs among individuals or groups. It acknowledges that people have different starting points, privileges, or disadvantages and aims to achieve fairness by providing resources and opportunities in a way that compensates for these differences. Equity ensures everyone has access to what they need to succeed, even if it means distributing resources unequally to achieve a more equitable outcome.

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