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Who is Clix:

Clix, also known as Cody Conrod, is one of the best Fortnite players, streamers, and content creators. Clix has participated in many international gaming competitions and won a lot of money and from then clix net worth is increasing.

Clix is known for his aggressive play style and ability to build and play better than his opponents when the stakes are high. He is a top-rated personality, especially with youngsters interested in gaming. Clix got its audience through YouTube and Twitch streaming. Clix’s twitch streaming has received 1702809 watch hours. And the peak viewership that Clix got in a stream is 164k viewers. You can check these stats in detail.

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Clix’s rise to fame and fortune in the gaming industry:

Clix's rise to fame and fortune in gaming industry

Clix, a professional gamer and streamer, became famous and wealthy by playing Fortnite, a popular battle Royale game. Clix became very popular among teenagers.

Clix began his gaming career in 2017 when he started streaming himself playing Fortnite on the video-sharing platform Twitch. His gameplay quickly gained popularity, and he was able to build a large following of viewers who were impressed by his skills and personality.

In 2019, Clix won the Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials, which earned him a spot in the World Cup Finals. He finished in 18th place and won $120,000 in prize money. This victory made him even more popular, and he became a highly demanded player for competitive Fortnite events.

In addition to his skills, Clix is also known for his amazing personality and his ability to connect with his fans. He regularly streams his gameplay on Twitch and interacts with his fans through social media, which has helped him build a strong and dedicated fan base.

Clix’s income streams:

Clix has multiple sources of income and wealth, including:

Twitch streaming:

clix twitch streaming fortnite
Image By: Fortnite INTEL

Clix primarily streams on Twitch, which is a popular streaming platform for gamers. Twitch streamers can earn money through subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue. If Clix has a large and loyal fanbase on Twitch, he could earn a substantial income from his streams. Clix makes a significant portion of his income from streaming on Twitch. He has over 5.9 million followers on the platform. Twitch streaming has the biggest impact on clix net worth.


clix youtube streaming

Clix also has a YouTube channel where he posts gameplay videos and other content related to Fortnite. He earns money from ad revenue and sponsorships on his videos.

Competitive Fortnite:

Clix is a professional Fortnite player and participates in tournaments and competitions. He has won several tournaments, including the Fortnite World Cup Warmup in 2019, and has earned thousands of dollars in prize money.


clix clothing brand

Clix has a merchandise store where he sells a range of products, including clothing, accessories, and gaming peripherals. He earns money from the sales of these products. Clix also has a clothing brand DR3AMIN CLOTHING


Clix has partnerships and endorsements with several gaming companies, including HyperX and G Fuel. He earns money from these partnerships and endorsements.

Clix Estimated Net Worth:

Clix’s estimated net worth in 2023 is around $2.8 million USD.

Comparing Clix’s net worth to other Esports players and streamers:

Compared to other Esports players and streamers, Clix’s net worth is relatively high, but there are many other Esports players and streamers who have collected much larger fortunes. Some of the most famous ones include:

  1. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has an estimated net worth of around $40 million.
  2. PewDiePie has an estimated net worth of $40 million.
  3. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has an estimated net worth of around $20 million.
  4. Turner “Tfue” Tenney has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  5. Imane “Pokimane” Anys has an estimated net worth of around $3million.

Clix’s philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions:

Clix, the popular Esports player and streamer, has been involved in several philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions throughout his career. Here are a few examples:

Cancer research fundraiser:

In 2020, Clix hosted a charity stream to raise money for cancer research. He played Fortnite for 24 hours straight and encouraged his fans to donate to the American Cancer Society. In total, the stream raised over $50,000 for the charity.

COVID-19 relief:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Clix donated a portion of his earnings from streaming to organizations that were providing relief to those affected by the pandemic. He also participated in a charity stream organized by the Esports organization FaZe Clan to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Mental health awareness:

Clix has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression, and has used his platform to raise awareness about mental health issues. He has encouraged us to seek help if we are struggling, and has shared resources and information about mental health organizations.

Youth mentorship:

Clix has also been involved in mentorship programs for young gamers. He has offered advice and guidance to up-and-coming players, and has spoken about the importance of having a positive and supportive community in the gaming world.

Overall, Clix’s philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions demonstrate his commitment to using his platform for good. By raising awareness and donating to important causes, he is making a positive impact on the world both on and off the gaming screen.

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