Apps To Track Personal Expenses

Apps To Track Personal Expenses

Apps To Track Personal Expenses. People are becoming disciplined day by day. And to get their busy life going, they need to get someone or something who can take care of their daily budget.
As the world is progressing daily, people’s needs are increasing, and to get all their needs done within their specific budget, they need someone who can look after that budget when they are busy. Especially people with children need this service because they are too busy in their lives, and people with children have different expenses like schooling, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Now there are many apps available online that you can use to eliminate your maintaining budget tension.


Expensify has developed budget-tracking mobile and web applications. The app tracks your daily expenses and includes travel, grocery, and meal categories. This software has Artificial intelligence as the user takes a picture of the receipt of the expense; this software scans the receipt and categorizes it as the instructions given by the user.

Features of Expensify:

One-Click Receipt Scanning

Multiple Approvers

Credit Card Import

Corporate Card Reconciliation

Accounting, HR, and Travel Integrations

Multi-Level Coding

Advanced Tax Tracking

Audit and Compliance

Delegated Access

PCI-Compliant Security

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Spendee is a budgeting app that allows its user to track their daily expenses. It is available on mobile and web application as well. Spendee will be able to track your money automatically through bank sync or manually so that you can analyze, organize, and budget them for the future.

Features of Spendee:

Shared wallets:

are popular among couples, families and roommates who handle their finances in Spendee.

Connecting bank accounts:

to Spendee is preferred by people paying mostly by card.

Customize Spendee:

Customize your categories, add a picture or a location to every expense.

Multiple currencies:

are favoured by travellers and digital nomads managing money in more currencies.

Alerts and reminders:

will notify you to pay the bill or not to exceed the budget.

Sync and backup:

is valuable for everyone using Spendee across devices and sharing Spendee with others.

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Monefy is a personal finance application that makes money management easy. The app is designed to streamline expense tracking and help you save money.

Features of Monefy:

Its all about you:

If you have ever tried tracking money before, you know that it can be extremely frustrating with the wrong tools. Monefy helps and empowers you by breaking down your expenses in a simple, intuitive, and understandable way.

With Monefy, you’ll quickly start to identify key spending patterns and effectively begin saving money.

Add records in a flash:

Monefy simplifies the process for entering transactions to make it quick, easy, and painless.

Within a few seconds:

  • tap “-” or “+” at the bottom of the screen
  • enter the amount
  • tap on the category icon

… or even faster:

  • tap on any category icon around the chart
  • enter the amount and hit “Add”

Expense tracking has never been simpler!

You’re in full control:

We have carefully curated the default categories to help you start tracking essential expenses right from the word “go.” No time-consuming setup process. No need to manually type in each category.

Still feeling the need for some customization? We got you covered. Easily change the default categories, add new ones, select the currency you want to use, and choose the most convenient language for you, all through Monefy’s intuitive interface.

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Ivy Wallet:

Image by: dignitestudios

Track your income and spending from your phone with ease to better understanding your personal finance.

Features of IVY wallet:

Completely Open Source:

We believe that people (not only corporations) can create innovative, open-source, and free software that can make the world a better place.

Easy to set-up and use:

Ivy Wallet’s biggest advantage is its UI/UX, simplicity, and customization which was recognized in the Top/Best Android App in 2021/2022 charts 10+ times by the YouTube tech community.

Graphs & Charts:

See your monthly expenses in a beautiful Pie Chart by categories. This way you’ll understand how much money you spent and for what.

Multiple Accounts:

Manually track multiple bank accounts (including crypto ones) in one place. Record incomes, expenses, and transfers between them to efficiently manage your money.

Community Driven:

Ivy Wallet respects its users and community. We are open to any suggestions and feedback from the community.

Multi-currency Support:

Ivy Wallet supports multiple currencies including international (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) ones and the top cryptocurrencies (like BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL) to help you manage all of your assets with one money manager app.

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